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Staying competitive in today’s economic climate means building in efficiencies from the ground up. That’s why many of the world’s most successful mines use efficient mine site infrastructure solutions from AIL Mining — a member of The AIL Group of Companies.

Supporting your success
From some of the world’s largest heavy haul road arches and crusher walls to the lowly drainage and utilidor pipes, AIL mining professionals can help you save time and money in providing safe, practical work sites for your employees. By design, our mine site infrastructure solutions deliver several key benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Custom engineered for your site
  • Easy to ship and install with minimal equipment and labour
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Create safe, practical work sites for your employees

Efficient mine site infrastructure with a difference
Plus, with over 55 years of working closely with the global mining industry, our Technical Sales and Engineering Teams are well-poised to deliver turn-key, value-engineered mine site infrastructure solutions with a difference. AIL Mining professionals will guide you through every phase of your project – assessment, design, specification, assembly, backfilling and testing – to ensure successful project outcomes.

Save time and money on your next mining industry sector project
Contact your nearest AIL Mining Technical Sales Representative to learn more about saving time and money with our efficient mine site infrastructure solutions for virtually every application in the mining industry sector.

Streamline your next project with an AIL Mining turn-key solution.

AIL Mining’s integrated approach delivers design, manufacturing and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility. Discover the many benefits of an AIL Mining turn-key solution. Learn more.

We support your sustainable development needs.

AIL Mining provides sustainable mine site infrastructure solutions that contribute to the well being of society, the economy and the environment. Our mining industry sector solutions do more with less, ensuring the success of your project without compromising the needs of future generations. There are many benefits from using sustainable mine site infrastructure solutions from AIL Mining. Learn more.

AIL Mining is a member of the following mining industry sector agencies and associations:

Proud to be a coal industry partner.

With countless installations in coal mines and along coal distribution lines, AIL Mining understands the industry’s unique challenges and requirements.

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