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Strong and versatile, Hel-Cor supports another happy customer

Located in Australia, Atlantic Civil Products is a major AIL Group licensee. Boral Limited is one of Australia’s largest building and construction materials suppliers and has significant operations in the US and Asia. The Boral Quarry of Dunnstown produces crushed basalt in all different shapes and sizes, to be used for roads and asphalt.

With business up and demand growing, Boral contracted Roctec Ltd – a New Zealand mine engineering company – to construct a larger processing facility. Installing a new stockpile reclaim tunnel was an important part of the project.

Since the quarry was already operating at full capacity, it was critical that the construction project be completed quickly, with little impact on daily operations. Rocktec teamed with Atlantic Civil Products to design and supply the reclaim tunnel. Due to The AIL Group's past performance, they were confident that we’d get the job done right.

To stay in line with the quarry’s tight deadline, we promised to accelerate the manufacturing schedule and ensure a prompt delivery. Strength was a major requirement for this project, and our engineers had an ideal solution.

Hel-Cor – a signature Atlantic Civil corrugated steel pipe product – offered the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance. When enveloped in compacted backfill, Hel-Cor’s corrugated surface adds the strength needed to carry immense loads. As an added benefit, the permanent backfill around the tunnel provided extra support for the live stockpile. With its light weight, strength, low-installed cost and ideal design service life, Hel-Cor was the perfect product solution for this specific project.


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