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Oil sands heavy haul road bridge installs quickly

IMG_2922(web1)(2)When a fast solution was needed for a heavy haul road stream crossing in Alberta’s oil sands, a Big R Prefabricated Bridge from AIL MINING was the perfect choice. The three-section bridge was installed quickly (after pilings) allowing the project to stay within an important environmental “fish window”.

Big R Bridges: industry favourites for remote locations

For over 40 years, Big R Bridges have been industry favourites in the mining, energy and forestry sectors for both temporary and permanent applications. They are lightweight, heavy duty and easy to ship and install with local crews and equipment.

Spans of up to 45.7 m

Although this bridge was relatively small in stature (4.7 m span, 8 m width), Big R’s Modular Bridges can reach spans of up to 45.7 m in a wide variety of widths.

IMG_2922(web-long)Bolt-A-Plate and Pilings used for abutment structures

Due to poor foundation soils, a series of steel piles was driven into the ground to support the bridge. We were also able to offer a fast solution for the abutment structures by designing and supplying Bolt-A-Plate Structural Steel Plate to be fastened to the bridge support pilings.

Daily communication kept everyone in the know, the project on time and the client was pleased, according to a very nice post-project e-mail we received thanking us for our services. 

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Project Name: Oil Sands Heavy Haul Road Crossing 

Location: Near Fort McMurray

Type of Product: Big R Prefabricated Bridge with Bolt-A-Plate Backwalls

Dimensions: 8 m x 4.7 m

Installation Time (start to finish): Bridge components (excluding piling) three days