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No traffic interruptions for Super•Cor heavy haul road arch installation

When Atlantic Civil Products, a major AIL Group licensee in Australia, needed to convince a client that a large, two-lane heavy haul road arch system could be constructed over an existing twin track rail line and two adjacent access roads without traffic interruption.

Two compelling factors sealed the deal:

  1. Our Group’s extensive experience designing Super•Cor deep corrugated steel plate structures for use under extreme live loads.
  2. Our project history building the Stockton, UK, railway arches under similar traffic constraints.


Accelerated delivery – plus some bells and whistles


The project specified that the components be delivered and assembled according to a very tight schedule and include imbedded electronic monitoring. Atlantic Civil Products got to work, and less than a month after the contract was awarded, the components were manufactured, test assembled and shipped – ahead of schedule.

The first road tunnel went up in seven days, while the subsequent rail tunnel took 18 days and the second road tunnel only 11 days. Engineered ramping and backfilling of approximately 80,000 m3 (2,825,173 ft3) of earthworks took 38 days. The design incorporated the installation of strain gauges, pressure plates and a data logger to the exterior of the rail tunnel.

There was no rail or road traffic interruption, and the work was completed on time, making for one very satisfied customer.

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Super•Cor overpasses built in 120 days video.

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