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Multi-Plate Arch part of Wodonga Rail Bypass Project

Atlantic Civil Products, a major AIL Group licensee in Australia, is proud to be a project partner in The Wodonga Rail Bypass Project. This project will greatly improve the efficiency of the main rail line between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, as it passes the City of Wodonga, Victoria. The project involves constructing a 5 km dual track rail bypass of Wodonga, and includes a new train station, seven bridges, and a Multi-Plate High Profile Arch from Atlantic Civil Products. The Arch structure will allow road traffic to pass under the railway to access City-owned lands.

The engineering design for the entire project was completed by GHD Melbourne. Atlantic Civil Products’ in-house engineering team worked with GHD to do the detailed design of the structure. The completed Arch had a span of 6.550 m, a rise of 4.973 m, and a length of 36 m. The project was commissioned by the Australian Rail Track Corporation and the contractor was John Holland Construction, in a project-specific joint venture known as Southern Infrastructure Alliance. The project is expected to be completed in early 2010.

Multi-Plate Buried Corrugated Metal Structures are available in spans from 1.5 to 15 m. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round pipes, pipe arches, vertical and horizontal ellipses, and low, medium and high profile arches. Multi-Plate has become the product of choice for strong and economical bridge and underpass construction. Multi-Plate is also used extensively in the mining industry for stockpile tunnels, mine portals, conveyor underpasses, and haul road grade separations.

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