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Bolt-A-Plate Reclaim Tunnels take shape at Aggregates USA Quarry

Aggregates(web)AIL MINING’s versatile Bolt-A-Plate Steel Structural Plate was just the right solution for two long reclaim tunnels going into a quarry site in Sparta, Georgia. The 4.27 m (14') diameter tunnels are 247.5 m (812') and 68.28 m (224') in length and feature 14 reinforced hopper frames between both tunnels.

This Aggregates USA site, including a dedicated rail spur line was being built to supply the aggregate needs of nearby Florida. AIL MINING’s extensive experience with reclaim tunnels and large reinforced hopper frame openings, were factors in winning the design, supply and assembly contract.

The project had a very tight schedule along with requirements for larger hopper frames (2.44 m x 2.74 m or 8' x 9') and higher stockpile heights (up to 20.73 m or 68') on the primary tunnel. The unit weight of the material was designed around 100 lbs/cf. Good planning and coordination with all parties (Echo Industrial, Aggregates USA and AIL Mining's engineering department and manufacturing plant) ensured all came together well.


With the ability to ship many lineal feet on a single truck, Bolt-A-Plate is the product of choice for its lightweight, strength and versatility in a variety of applications.

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Project Name:
Aggregates USA, Sparta, Georgia Quarry

Owner / Consultant: USA Aggregates / Echo Industrial 

Contractor: Echo Industrial  

Type of Product/Application: Reclaim Tunnels

Tunnel #1 Dimensions: 68.28 m (224') long, 4.27 m (14') diameter, with two 2.44 m x 2.74 m (8' x 9') reinforced hoppers

Height of cover: 20.73 m (68')

Tunnel #2 Dimensions: 247.5 m (812') long, 4.27 m (14') diameter, with 12 – 1.07 m (3'-6") x 1.37 m (4'-6") reinforced hoppers 

Height of cover: 12.8 m (42')