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Steel grey is the new green.
The AIL Group is your go-to partner for “greener” infrastructure solutions.

We support your sustainable development needs.

We believe it is our responsibility to deliver infrastructure solutions that contribute to the well being of society, the economy and the environment. Sustainability guides our product development as we continue to look for ways to do more with less, ensuring the success of your project without compromising the needs of future generations.


Reduced Biodiversity Impacts

  • „„Reduced need for cast-in-place concrete on site
  • „„Wide span and curved structures reduce stream impacts and washout concerns 
  • „„Prefabricated Bridges allow for easier crossings in sensitive areas
  • „„Wildlife crossings help maintain movement in habitat
  • „„AIL Sound Walls reduce noise pollution
  • „„Fish baffle inserts and open-bottomed culverts facilitate fish movement


Lighter Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Many components have high recycled steel content
  • „„Less material transportation costs than concrete
  • „„Solutions engineered for optimum cover depths to reduce hauling grades and fuel consumption


More Local Solutions

  • „„Less imported resources – product, labour and equipment
  • „„Uses non-specialized equipment and labour available through local contractors „„
  • Optimal use of locally available fill material


Positive Social Impacts

  • Use of local labour and equipment benefits community 
  • „„Super•Cor Flange Connection offers increased worker safety 
  • „„Potential of using portable culvert mills with local labour


Decommissioning Benefits

  • „„Less effort to decommission structural plate and MSE walls than concrete 
  • „„Less imported material means less offsite haulage and disposal 
  • „„Some structures can be disassembled and reused
  • „„Metal components can be recycled


Recycled and recyclable steel

AIL products use a high degree of steel, the world’s most-recycled material. Given the increased awareness of “green” construction, steel is the material of choice because of its major recycled content and recyclability attributes. Steel products use less energy to manufacture, ship and install than their concrete counterparts.

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Naturally-weathering steel

Big R Modular Steel Bridges are made from recycled steel and are available in naturally-weathering or custom-painted finish options. Weathering steels provide a number of environmental benefits.

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